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The Six Best Places to Get Married in Ireland


The Six Best Places to Get Married in Ireland

Written By: Brian Harbinson
Date: 07/11/2015

The Six Best Places to Hold an Irish Wedding

As any newly-wed will attest to, wedding ceremonies are a enchanting event, whether at a chapel in Las Vegas or on a cliff-top in Hawaii. There is something special, however, about an Irish Celtic wedding. It might be the beautiful Celtic light that silhouettes the bride, or the crackling fire in an ancient castle, but it is certainly unique.

Adare Manor, once the hunting retreat of an English gentleman, is awe inspiring and stunning, and tops our poll. The staff, unassuming yet courteous, are of the highest quality. A candlelit dinner in the great hall is an experience in itself. As a location for a wedding, it is incomparable.

However, Powerscourt Castle, would run a close second to Adare. Just outside of Dublin in the Wicklow Hills, Powerscourt is warm and welcoming. Its beautiful and sprawling gardens also have one of the leading golf courses in Ireland.

For anyone who likes the buzz of a city, University Church is a perfect place for the wedding ceremony. On Stephens Green, in the very centre of Dublin, you'll get a wide assortment of hotels in the surrounding area to have the wedding reception. Within walking distance there are the Merrion Hotel, the August Shelbourne Hotel, and the Fitzwilliam Hotel. From the majesty of the newly refurbished Shelbourne to the modern and chic Merrion, all of these locations can provide a celebration of only the highest quality.

Next on the list is Dromoland Castle, in the heart of County Clare. Proprietors of this location describe it as one in which modern age conveniences are combined with old-world sophistication. This is not an idle claim. Dromoland is less than ten miles from Shannon airport, a stop-over point for transatlantic travel, making it really accessible for family and friends who are coming from the US.


For those that are looking for a bit of the countryside, check out Hotel Dunloe Castle. Completely surrounded by sixty four acres of parkland, and overlooking the celebrated Gap of Dunloe, a wedding here allows the wedding party or their guests to go sightseeing to some of the most amazing landscape in Europe.

The Radisson SAS St Helens is catered to people who want the advantages of a city wedding without the bustle. Just fifteen minutes from the centre of Dublin, on extravagant and extensive grounds, it's a hidden treasure. Within the walls the city could be a thousand miles away. The hotel offers a variety of packages, from a standard, basic rate to A Diamond Package for those who want to push the boat out that bit further.

The business of weddings in Ireland is flourishing and there is an abundance of resources and information, particularly on the internet, that can help in your planning. For information on things from bridesmaids dresses to wedding cakes, there are extensive lists available. If it is the Celtic magic that is attractive about an Irish wedding, there are a lot of jewelers who provide Irish wedding bands to suit any taste.

So, putting together a wedding in Ireland could not be too much simpler, except for the matter of finding someone to marry. But, really, how difficult is that?



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