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Renaissance Clothing Takes You Back into the Renaissance Era


Renaissance Clothing Takes You Back into the Renaissance Era

Written By: Article Expert
Date: 07/11/2015

The Renaissance period had some delicately designed clothing for all and fashion in that time was organized towards the superb designs and the simplistic forms as well. Clothing during the Renaissance period was more about displaying people's social status. The kings, queen and other rich people used to wear clothes in expensive fabrics such as fur and silk; while the peasants and other general people used to wear simple clothes made of wool and cotton. Women used to wear around five layers of clothing that include skirt, vest, bodice, underskirt and collar. One of the interesting facts about the Renaissance clothing is that wedding dresses were beautiful in their appearance and were made of brocades; while, beautiful jewels were stitched onto them. These layers of clothing created an important factor in Renaissance clothing because they helped keeping the body warm during the cold weather.

In addition to women's clothing, men's clothing began with the rich and magnificent look. In the Renaissance period, men's clothing was designed to emphasize the body shape to provide them with a more rounded looks. If talking about the fabrics like silk, brocade, fur and high quality wool used in that time, then they were expensive and exclusive and people used clothing according to their standards. Numerous fashion accessories like headgears and hoods also added spice to wearer's personality. Without these accessories, Renaissance clothing was considered incomplete. At that time, women used to adorn pointed hats over their hair. Small hats also came in to fashion in renaissance period. Small hats were decorated with jewels and often had a string attached to the back. These hats were widely used by people of all ages.

Now in at the present time, authentically designed Renaissance clothing has influenced many eras and has been still in fashion. Today, in any Ren Fair or Medieval party, you can see numerous people in Renaissance clothing. People who use clothing of that time are appreciated by other with a number of names like, elegant, beautiful and amazing. Nowadays, Renaissance accessories, like helmets, swords, hats shirts and a variety of other items are used very much in Hollywood movies, exhibitions and above all in the celebration of Halloween. It is celebrated on the evening of October 31 in United States of America, British Isles, Canada, by children. Children go door to door by wearing wonderful and attractive dresses and begging treats and playing planks.



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