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How to make a potato light


How to make a potato light

Written By: Brooks Carver
Date: 07/11/2015

Weather its your own curiosity, a school project, or just an afternoon project with your kids, making a potato light is fun for all ages!  I did this project for my daughters kindergarten class and and it was a huge success!  They thought I was magic!  I thought I would pass on my magic to you on how to make a potato light!

What you are going to need...
2-3 Fresh potatoes
4-6 Galvanized Steel nails
4-6 Shiny Pennies
6-9 eight inch insulated copper wire, with insulation stripped off the ends.
LED Light
and if you would like Alligator clips are always helpful (Especially if you are doing this alone)

1.  Cut the potatoes in half.
2.  Put the potato halves with the flat side facing down in a straight line.
3.  Using your knife, make a small cut in one side of each potato half.  The cut should be big enough so the penny will fit snug in the potato with just the end sticking out.
4.  Now, hook up your copper and zinc ions, or your pennies and galvanized nails.
*Separate 1 Nail, 1 Shiny Penny and 2 eight inch wires from the group and set them aside!

5.  Pair up the rest of your Nails and Pennies with the corresponding partners.
Wrap the end of one of your wires around each penny, and then wrap the other end around your nail.


By this time everything should be connected by your wire except the two you left separate at the beginning.

6.  Next, you need to attach the end of your extra wires to your single nail.  Then put this into the first potato half.  Set the end of the wire out to the side.

*The Copper and zinc CAN NOT TOUCH for the experiment to work*

7.  Now take the connected penny and shove it into the first potato.  Put the connected nail into the second potato (about a half and inch away from the slot for the penny)

The further in the penny will go the better it will be!

8.  Repeat the remaining steps until you are on your last potato.  Wrap your remaining wire end and place it into the last potato.

9.  Last step, take the two wire ends that are left link one to your nail and one to your penny and then hook it up to your LED light!

And there you go... A light operated by a potato!  Its so much fun and everyone gets a kick out of it!  Not to mention you can now show friends and family just how smart you are, honestly how many people know how to make a potato light!



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